One in trouble, come out - because you are my brothers and sisters

Difficulties that workers, regardless of who people will take the initiative to lend a helping hand sunfull, because we all know, sunfull is a big family, each worker is his own brothers and sisters.

sunfull married women - juan 2002

2002, from October 31 the closer, the more depressed mood juan. Girl away from home, in the days to be married, a girl in the most important day of life, people can not come to accompany her mother, sad can imagine.

Courtyard business stories

June 8, 1996, in Weihai, a simple high-tech industry development zone in a small courtyard. 12 like-minded people who come from far apart, self-reliance, their hands and clothing - to find broken brick paved courtyard, the garden workers to flowers,

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