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Weihai Sunfull Property Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weihai Sunfull Electronic Group Co., Ltd. It is a specialized and socialized property management service enterprise with three-level property management qualification. Since its establishment in October 2005, the company has absorbed many professional property managers and established a talent pool to gradually optimize the talent structure, drawing on advanced property management concepts and experience.The company has nearly 100 employees, and with the development of the company, there are 15 employees with higher education level and 18 employees with property manager positions.

Weihai Sunfull Property Service Co., Ltd. upholds the service concept of "high life, humanistic care, personality service, excellent features", and embodies the service purpose of "your satisfied smile is our eternal pursuit". It pays special attention to the research of management services of high-grade property and residential property. Besides normal security, cleaning, equipment and facilities maintenance, the company also has access to other services. Excellent humanized service management, facilitates the work and life of the owners, while the owners enjoy value-added leisure and entertainment.

After nearly three years of market operation, it has taken over many types of projects, such as high-end residential buildings, high-end office buildings, classical apartments and so on. Its typical projects are green Town and Weihai Branch of the People's Bank of China. At present, the management area is 200,000 square meters.

The company has professional personnel in operation and management, and can participate in the early planning and design, mid-term construction management, late decoration, accommodation and operation management of construction projects. It can provide high-grade, comprehensive property management services for households and developers.

Weihai sunfull property service Co., ltd. will provide owners with a high starting point and a high level of whole-process services, leading the industry in the new, different standard industries. In the fierce market, Sunfull realty people based on weihai, looking forward to the future, is willing to provide high-quality services, family management, to create a humanistic, healthy residential community, create a warm home!

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